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Available in US, CA, MX, UK, FR, ES, DE, IT, JP and IN
Amazon Assistant helps you discover Amazon products and compare prices as you shop across the web.

30-Day Price Tracker

When you search for products online, you will see Amazon’s 30-day price tracker. Look for our low price badge.
  • Click the Amazon icon

    Assistant lives in your browser, click the icon to find your product recommendations personalized for you.
  • Order and Shipment Updates

    Get real-time notifications when your orders ship and deliver.
  • Product Comparisons

    Assistant will show you Amazon's product offers, ratings and reviews while you browse other sites.
  • Your Universal Registry and Lists

    Save all your favorite products from Amazon and other websites in one convenient place with Assistant's Your Lists tab.
  • Shortcuts

    Easy access to your order history, exclusive offers and more.
  • Today’s Deals

    See new deals every day

Need help?

See Amazon Assistant help page, the Amazon privacy policy, about Amazon Assistant privacy, or contact us. Available in US, CA, MX, UK, FR, ES, DE, IT, JP and IN
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